AutoCAD 2D

Autodesk AutoCAD 2D

In this training we will use different drawing tools and options in the user interface, such as lines, guides, modifiers and layers, and also explore working in the 2D and the 3D environment.
Then, we’ll learn how to use the different features of the software to draw a floor plan, several 3D models and put them all together into one final 3D model where we can explore different options using view styles.


Getting Started

User interfaceIntroducing the Ribbons (Tabs & Panels) – Customizing the Workspace – Using Help

Creating new drawings Create a new drawing  Drawing set up (Drawing limits, the Unit system & Format)

Using Templates (Acad, Acadiso…) – Creating Layers – Creating Templates

Opening existing drawings Open an entire drawing – Partially open an existing drawing (Partial Open, Partial Load)

Saving files Save and Save as

Controlling the display areaPan and zoom – Named views – Zoom within a command – Steering wheel and View Cube

Drafting ToolsGrid and snap – Ortho mode and Polar Tracking – Object Snap and Object Snap Tracking

Creating 2D Geometry (Draw commands): Drawing lines – Drawing line objects – Providing points using coordinates

Absolute coordinates – Relative Cartesian coordinates – Relative Polar coordinates – Drawing Rectangles & Polygons

Drawing Polylines & Donuts – Drawing Circles – Drawing Arcs – Drawing Ellipses & Splines – Drawing Multilines

Drawing Construction lines & Rays – Drawing Points (Divide, Measure…) 

UCSDisplay – New UCS – Move UCS

Selecting objectsObject selection (Window selection, Crossing Selection…)

Editing objects (Modify commands): Erasing objects – Copying objects – Copying objects using the copy command

Copying objects from different file using the copy/paste command – Moving objects – Scaling objects – Rotating objects

Grip mode editing – Offsetting objects – Trimming and extending objects – Filleting and chamfering objects – Mirroring objects 

Arraying objects – Stretching objects – Polyline editing – Exploding polylines

Working with BlocksCreating blocks – Block definition, redefining blocks – Write blocks – Block Attributes – Dynamic blocks

Inserting blocks – From file – From design center  

Working with External References (Xrefs): Attaching and detaching Xrefs (Dwg, Dwf, Dgn, Pdf or Image files) – Clipping Xrefs

Image adjustments (for image Xrefs) – Attach vs Overlay

Cross HatchingCreating boundary – Hatching objects – Creating BHatch – Modifying BHatch pattern – Downloading new Hatch patterns from the Internet

Annotating a drawingText style and single-line text – Creating a text style – Creating single line text – Changing text properties  Multiline text – Placing multiline text – Quick leader – Creating leaders and leader annotations – Working with tables – Annotative Objects (scaling and usage)

DimensioningCreating dimension styles (Dimension style manager) – Adding dimensions – Dimension types – Placing dimensions

Adding geometric tolerances – Dimension styles 

Adding Constrains:  Geometric – Dimensional 

Drawing information: Determining Distances – Radius, Angle, Area, ID Point – Using Calculator 

Plotting: Paper and Model space – Plotting Drawings – Plot files to other formats – Plot styles tables


Pre-Requisite: None
Duration: 30 Hours
Fees: 250 USD
RSVP your places ASAP on: 03-599229 or