About Me

Marwan N. Bijjani

My Name is Marwan Bijjani, born and raised in Lebanon. I Graduated from Notre Dame University (Lebanon) in 2004 with a BS in Business Computing. After Graduation I attended several art classes, especially in 3d animation, and I completed several Certificates and Diplomas from different schools and countries in the art field. (TV Production and Motion Graphics DCE at Notre Dame University 2005, 3D Animation NYFA at Harvard University 2006, 3D Animation CDIA at Boston University 2007). After I completed my Certificates and Diplomas, I went for my MA in 3D Computer Animation at Bournemouth University, England and graduated in 2008.

Art had to be more fun to me then other things. I enjoy working on my models and bringing them to life and I dedicate hours on drawing, modeling and animating my assigned projects. I currently have a Post Production/Animation Boutique working on Commercials, Architectural Visualization, Professional Presentation, Editing, Photoshooting and Professional software trainings for Companies or Individuals (PolygonFX). I am also a Senior Instructor and Trainer at several Universities and Professional Centers such as (Lebanese American University – LAU, Notre Dame University – NDU, American University of Technology – AUT, Art Science and Technology University in Lebanon – AUL, American University of Science and Technology – AUST, American Lebanese Language Center – ALLC). It is my goal personally to learn everything there is to know about art in general and specifically animation.